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Red Oak Farm
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Red Oak Farm

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Life just got better.........

Welcome to our Century Farm...
over 150 years of continuous agricultural
production under one family.

Looking for the latest information on the emu industry, emu oil research, emu health or legislative issues?  Join the American Emu Association!   E-mail: info@aea-emu.org or click here to visit www.aea-emu.org

Whether you are a new farmer or an established one, if you are interested in diversifying your operations to include emu, our Emu Farming Information pages have been set up with you in mind.

Visit our Products Page for emu meat, emu oil products, emu leather, emu feathers, carved emu eggs, and other emu by-products. 

Are you a Teacher, Scout Master, Activity Director in a nursing home?  Visit our  Resources page for information, suggestions and products.

Check out our Kid's Page for interactive fun.

For information on the uses of Emu Oil, current research on emu oil benefits and testimonials, please visit the Research Page

Check out our special offers page - there has never been a better time!

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