Fertility TurtleŠ

Inspired by Australian Aborigine art, this basket style carved emu egg features a turtle within a turtle, symbolizing not only long life, but also continuation of the species or family line.  This egg can be displayed in a basket with other eggs or alone on a stand. 

The Fertility TurtleŠ carved emu egg utilizes 3 colors of the shell.  The eyes are carved to the white of the shell, and various parts of the design utilize one of the teal layers.  The design wraps around the egg.  Please click on the thumbnail pictures below to view a more detailed version of the egg.

The egg pictured here is representative of the artist's work.  As the eggs vary in texture and color as well as size, it is impossible to exactly recreate any egg.  There may be some variance in the tilt of the head, width or depth of the carving, or some slight variance in design.

The Fertility Turtle Carved Emu Egg can be added to your collection for $65.00, including shipping.

  Please email myrac @ redoakfarm.com for availability.