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Our unique "Ink Blot Eggs" are made by dripping wax onto an emu egg, then soaking for several hours in vinegar.  The vinegar eats away the outer layers of shell*, leaving these distinctive patterns.  No two eggs turn out exactly the same. 

Although one can make a great conversation piece, several in a bowl or basket make an display with impact.  They work especially well with contemporary, oriental or African motifs, but their use is limited only by your imagination.

$20.00 each (our choice)

Special offer:   3 Ink Blot Eggs (our choice) for $50.00

Add a plain undecorated emu egg to your order for $5.00.

Email myrac @redoakfarm.com with your order.  We will send you a bill via PayPal.

*Each emu egg has 3 main layers of color.  The innermost layer of shell is white, then comes as many as 7 layers of teal, then a final dark green that is almost black.

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