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Family Card Set: 

There are two ways to do this, either by using wallet size or smaller photos of individual family members OR by simply typing their names on a piece of paper to use.  One thing to consider when typing the names is that you can use a variety of fonts and type colors for this project.  Your resident or student may even want to use individual letters splashed across the card instead of having the whole name in a straight line.

Does the resident have a son-in-law that is a clown?  Use the joker card for him!  Is her daughter the absolute best?  Sounds like Aces to me!  What ages are the grandkids?  1 through 10 perhaps?  Maybe the teenage boy is a cracker-Jack to his gramps or the teenage girl is a queen - you get the idea. 

If you are working with children, they may want to use a king for their Dad and a Queen for their Mom.

Pull out all those old outdated magazines you get donated to the nursing home and put the resident to work searching for bright pictures that will 'go with' their subject. This make take some time and be frustrating to them if they feel like they are on a schedule, so I suggest giving each resident a large envelope with their name on it to put their finds in and making this a two part event. 

Ask them to think about what they associate with their subject.  If the subject is an adult male, what does he do for a living?  Does he work on computers, work with his hands or farm?  Is he a minister, fireman, policeman, attorney or doctor?  Does he golf, hunt, fish, bowl?  Sports fanatic?  Was he in service?  Look for things associated with his profession or hobby to cut out. 

If the subject is a woman, is she a homemaker or does she work away from the home?  Perhaps she sews or gardens, loves to read or is known for her cooking?  Is the grandchild in school?  Taking a foreign language?  A math whiz?  Cheerleader, active in sports?  Plays chess?  In 4-H or scouts?

Encourage them to look for individual words to cut out that express their feelings about their subject or that they somehow associate with them. 

If applicable, leave the suits showing.  Using Elmer's glue, create a decoupage of the items cut out.

Another idea is to take an oversized playing card for the resident or parent and do a normal sized card for each child or grandchild.  Hole punch the cards and tie them together with yarn or ribbons so they dangle from the larger card.


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