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Lewbass2.jpg (61678 bytes)Bringing in Big Bass
by Lewis R. Jones

Reprinted with permission from Emu's Zine

Occasionally the need to modify or enhance a lure's appearance arises. A way I like to modify wpe1.jpg (15004 bytes) topwater lures is by taking a lighter colored emu feather about an inch and a half long, attaching it to a super sharp #4 or #6 treble hook with light colored thread by winding it around the hook and feather about 12 to 15 times and tie it off, then put a couple of drops of epoxy glue on the threads to make it durable . Take the back hook off of a lure like a Hula Popper or Pop'R and replace it with the one I have just described and you're in business. You can change feather lengths and colors, hook sizes etc. depending on your needs at the time.

wpe3.jpg (45730 bytes)Emu feathers work well because of their long, easy to swallow, slender shape, that alone will trigger strikes from bass because most of their forage minnows are this shape and color. The natural colors of the feathers make them easy to work with also because there is no need to dye them. Most minnows are about the same shades of black/gray/white as the feathers are. Each feather is actually two separate sections going out of that one main stem that opens and closes with every little bit of water movement. 

  lewis bass3.jpg (435212 bytes)This breathing action is very enticing to the bass.  The use of liquid fish attractant/feeding stimulant is easily done with emu feathers also because the feathers soak up and hold the attractant's smell on the bait. 

With emu feathers, there really is no wrong color. 
Lew&tro.jpg (72503 bytes)The various natural feather colors are much like that of the minnows bass feed on.   All you have to do is pick out the size and shade you want.  Now that you know how to use emu feathers in your bass fishing trips, remember, it's just as much fun to catch them the second time as the first.

Sport fisherman Lewis Jones is a native of Carroll County, Tennessee and participates in several bass tournaments each year.  

See our Feathers page to purchase suitable feathers.  

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