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Build an Emu Egg Birdhouse

You will need:

  • Sphagnum moss
  • River rock or bark for a base
  • A pre-cut emu egg with heart opening (you can do this with a dremel tool)
  • 2 Mushroom birds (optional)
  • Silk flowers (optional)
  • Hot glue gun & glue or other fast drying glue

Make sure that your rock or bark is clean. Wash with soap and water, then towel dry. Let dry overnight.

1. Every birdhouse needs aFirst insert Sphagnum moss into your Emu Egg birdhouse to make a nest for your mushroom bird nest, so glue some of the moss inside the egg. Use enough so that when you put your mushroom bird inside it can be seen in the "doorway"

2. Position one mushroom bird (momma) inside the birdhouse like it is sitting on the nest.

Then add more Sphagnum moss to the top of your emu egg birdhouse, giving a 'hair' effect3. Glue a long clump of moss to the top of the egg, giving a "hair" effect, having it hang down over the sides is appropriate.

4. Glue some moss to the baseGlue the emu egg birdhouse to the rock base,  spreading 
it out a bit, then glue the egg to the base. The reason you do this is so the glue does not show. The moss will hide the "seam" between the base and the egg, giving a finished appearance.

Add the second mushroom bird to your emu egg birdhouse and you are finished!5. Glue the second mushroom bird (daddy) to the egg either on top or to one side. Have the crafter "perch" the bird in several locations before deciding where to attach it.

Here is another variation on the Emu Egg Bird House for more advanced crafters - the base is made from a splitEmu egg birdhouse mounted on tree instead of rock log and tree branch.   The egg sits on a wood base made from a 2" section of branch which has been drilled to fit the branch.  The split log base is also drilled to fit the other end of the branch.  Sphagnum moss is used to hide "seams" and silk ivy vines wrap around the branch and over the egg.  Note that this branch has a "Y" shape to it and the Daddy bird is perched on it just above the price tag.  Silk flowers decorate the log.  Many special touches can be done, including adding tiny insects, frogs, lizards, etc. - all available at craft stores.

All the materials used in this project are available from craft or department stores with the exception of the emu egg.

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