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Teacher Resource Package

There is nothing quite like having a visual aid is there?  

Each Teacher Resource Package contains:

1 Emu Egg

1 package of body feathers (at least 50, double plumed feathers per package) for you to pass out to your students.

35 "So You Want To Know About Emus" tri-fold flyers.  These flyers have basic, easy to understand information on emus which we hope will stimulate your students curiosity.  The brochures are printed in black and white with black and white photos.

35 "I Saw The Emu" Stickers.  Give each student a fun sticker.

1 piece of emu hide (our choice of color).  Show your students how thin emu hide is compared to cowhide and the quill marks made by the feathers.

$25.00 includes shipping

Order Teacher Resource Package A

Email us your order and we will send you a PayPal Bill, or make payment directly to owners@redoakfarm.com

Broken Eggshell for mosaics:  We save and clean the broken shell when chicks hatch.  Email for availability. 

$10.00 for a one pound box, includes shipping anywhere in Continental USA. 

$39.50 for five pound box of broken shell, includes shipping anywhere in continental USA.

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