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Emu Feather Crafts

These simple emu feather crafts do not require double plumes or even feather tips in order to be beautiful.

Emu Feather Angel OrnamentFeather Angel

Imagine a tree full of these charming little angels!  Great to tie on packages too!  Uses dyed and natural feathers.


emu feather hair pickEmu Feather Hair Picks & Pencil Pals

 Great with either dyed or natural emu feathers.


Emu Feather Duster

It all started when I found these wonderful old pencil bobbins at Oma's .....................  Total cost - under $5.00



Feather Fairies in the Microwave

Sounds dangerous doesn't it?  Don't worry, anyone can make these cute little ornaments using microwave dough and emu feathers.

Cinnamon Monsters

Whether your little monster has wings or just strange hair, they will still smell delicious.  Kids love these, they make a great inter-generational activity. 

Altered Cards - introduce your residents or students to mixed media on a small scale!  Using art on a small scale can be an inexpensive way to help children, nursing home residents and others to understand and express their feelings in a healthy way.  Uses playing cards, old magazines, scissors, glue and imagination.


Pop Bottle Angels This project uses pop bottles and dyed emu feathers to make charming decorations.  No, we don't sell dyed feathers, but wouldn't dying feathers be a great project for your nursing home or class?  Use Rit dye and just follow package directions.  




Emu Eggshell Crafts

  • Simple mosaic
  • Picture Frame
  • Ring Holder

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