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Feather Angel

Emu Feather Angel OrnamentRequires: 

  • Wooden bead with a face painted on (available at Wal-Mart and craft stores)
  • dyed emu feathers
  • plain emu feathers
  •  ribbon trim
  • Pipe cleaner for halo (1/4 of the pipe cleaner per angel)
  • thin gold or silver cord for hanger
  • Glue

Directions:  Glue the feathers in the bottom hole of the bead.  Glue thin gold or silver cord in top of the head for a hanger.  Glue two plain emu feathers or one plumed feather to the back, shaping it to resemble wings.    Bend the pipe cleaner to resemble halo and add.  Add ribbon trim and your angel is ready to hang on the tree. 


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