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Emu Feather Duster

It all started when I found these wonderful old bobbins at Oma's Antik Haus.  These were originally used in fabric mills in Pennsylvania.  The large one at the bottom is called a beehive bobbin because of the shape.  The rest are pencil bobbins. 

At $3 each or 2 for $5, I had to have some to play with! 

It actually took less than 30 minutes to make this - the hard part was choosing the feathers I wanted to use!  Select feathers that are roughly the same length and of course you want to skip using tail feathers as they will be too coarse. 

The number of feathers used will vary depending on the size bobbin opening.  Mine took 70 double plumed feathers.  It is not necessary to have complete tips or double plumes to make the feather duster.

Gather the feathers together tightly at the quill end.  Either squirt some glue into the center of the quills or dip them to help hold them together.  Then tie them or run tape around them.  Push the feathers into the bobbin, if the top of the tape is showing, take it out and trim off the end.  When you have a good fit, squirt glue into the bobbin, making sure to coat the sides of the opening as well.  Push in the feathers.  Let dry upright overnight before using.

I keep mine in this cute heart-shaped holder that I also found at Oma's.  Perfect for my country kitchen!

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