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Farming Information

Over the years we have been asked all kinds of questions regarding emu farming.  Questions range from the generalized "Tell me (in an email yet) everything you know about emu farming." to the specific questions about hatching, choosing stock or basic costs.

The following pages were set up to provide basic information on emu farming.  Keep in mind that not every farm is run the same way.  Our farm is in Tennessee and the choices we make regarding our farm is influenced by our location, just as farms in South Dakota and Florida are influenced by their locations.  If you are seriously interested in emu farming I recommend that you:

  • Investigate the market.  Emu farming is currently a farm to finish operation.  If you are only interested in raising birds and sending them to auction or a slaughter facility, this is not for you.  The industry is changing due to efforts by the American Emu Association
  • Purchase Maria Minnaar's two books, The Emu Farmer's Handbook Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Check the AEA bookstore for these. 
  • Subscribe to Emu Today and Tomorrow
  • Visit every emu farm/ranch in your area, take a notebook, ask questions, make notes.  Take everything that you are told with a grain of salt and use common sense when making decisions regarding your future!
  • Plan your farm layout carefully, purchase unrelated stock.
  • Attend your local emu association's meetings.  Not all states have emu associations, but there are most have at large members.
  • Join the American Emu Association.  Why should you join?  Don't know, but here is why I joined.
  • Join our Emu Farm Information group at Yahoo.

What is an Emu?

What is a Farm?

Facilities, Land & Fencing

From Egg to Grow Out

Buying Birds

Birds That Fight

How do we tell them apart

Sex and the Emu

Feed Requirements

Water Requirements

Feeding Practices (how often and when)


Dangerous Plants

Herding Emus

Rodent & Insect Control


Chick Health Issues

Claw Removal

Suggested Medical Supplies

Farm Processing

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