Medical Supplies

This is just a suggested list.   Get with your vet for more information and his/her suggestions.

  1. Masking tape - to hobble chick legs if necessary
  2. Vet tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Syringes - 1 cc with small needles
  5. 7% iodine solution
  6. Electrolytes
  7. Probiotics
  8. Vitamins A & D, B-Complex, B-12, & E
  9. Antibiotic salve
  10. Emu Oil
  11. digital ear thermometer (instant read-out)
  12. Vet's Office and Emergency phone numbers

Why we don't like crop dusters.......

Because Emus are food animals, FARAD (Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank) prohibitions apply in the use of these drugs:

Other nitroimidazoles
Furazolidone (except approved topical uses)
Nitrofurazone (except approved topical uses)

source:  The Emu Farmer's Handbook

Emus destined for slaughter should not be wormed, vaccinated or given drugs for 90 days prior to harvest.  Ask your vet for more information on regarding these FDA requirements.