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Simple Emu Eggshell Crafts


Make an Emu Eggshell Mosaic

Emu eggshell mosiac tree      Emu eggshell mosiac tree   Emu eggshell mosiac tree

Cardboard approximately 4"x6"
Broken emu eggshells
Elmer's Glue
string or yarn, approximately 3" long

        Decide what you want your picture to be.  A flower?  Arrange the broken pieces of eggshell to look like a flower, palm tree?  Glue in place.  Tape the string to the back and you have a picture to hang on the wall.  For variations, use the eggshell with seeds, shells, noodles or macaroni or other eggshells. 

Make a Emu Eggshell Picture Frame

Emu eggshell picture frame

Cardboard the size you want to use
Elmer's Glue
yarn or pull tab from soda can

Decide what size picture frame you are going to make.  Glue the photograph to the cardboard.   Glue the broken eggshell to the frame, overlapping the photo.  When dry, tape the picture in place and tape a pull tab or yarn in place to use as a hanger.

Note:  You can purchase ready made cardboard frames from craft supply stores.

Make an Emu Eggshell Ring Holder

Large piece of emu eggshell
Small rock

This is the simplest project around, you simply glue the eggshell to the rock.   TheEmu eggshell ring holder rock base should be large enough to support the shell without tipping over.  

Need broken eggshells?  Email us for prices and availability.

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