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Pop Bottle Angels

For this project you will need:

1 individual size plastic pop bottle per angel
dyed feathers
Large bead or nut (pecan, hickory)
Decorative tape or ribbon
White glue
Pipe Cleaner or yarn for hanger

Make sure that your bottles are clean and dry.  Cut off the bottom half of the pop bottle.  I usually cut from where the slant meets the straight area.  You will find that some bottles will make a straight skirt while others will make a bit of a curved skirt.

The head of your angel should be large enough to fit on top of the drink opening without falling through.  This one is made from a pecan, which gives it a neat shape.  Glue the nut or bead to the bottle before painting - it will be easier to handle and you are going to cover the "waist" of the angel anyway, so it won't matter if paint is on the bottle.  Paint the head a solid color and after it is dry paint on the face.

This next part is a little messy, but not too bad.  Glue the feather tips to the 'screwed' area (our angel's waist) or top of the pop bottle, right below the head.  The quills should not protrude over the nut.  Because of the ridges, this will seem difficult, but it does not take much glue on the ridges to 'grab' the feather and hold.  This can be done while the head is drying and before the face is painted on.

To make a fuller skirt, glue feathers in two layers.  Glue feathers around the skirt first and then add more at the waist as outlined above.

Attach a hanger.  If you have used a nut for a head, the angel may need a pipe cleaner hanger to keep it straight.  Glue your hanger in place on the back of the waist.

Cover the quills at the waist (and the hanger) with decorative tape (like the kind available for Christmas wrapping) or glue ribbon in place.  

Paint the features on whenever the head is dry enough.  To make hair, take a piece of feather and drape it over the head, gluing it in place.

For wings, you can use double plumed feathers but it is not necessary.  Glue the quill end of a double plumed feather to the back of the waist.  After it has dried, *arch the tips around and glue them in place to make it look like wings.  Repeat this with a slightly larger double plumed feather right on top of it to give a fuller look.  If you are not working with double plumes, you will just be gluing two quills in place, waiting for them to dry and repeating from the *. 


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