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(NAPS) - Ouch!  Fun in the sun isn't always fun - especially if you forget to put on the sunscreen.  Despite knowing the risks of sun exposure, many Americans avoid the necessary precautions to protect themselves from the sun's harmful rays.  The result: an enjoyable day at the beach can turn into a painful memory.  As we all know, the itching, redness and blistering associated with sunburns isn't soon forgotten.

  Many people turn to emu oil for sunburn relief.

If sunburn causes you distress this summer, there is relief.  The best way to alleviate painful sunburn is to soak in a cool tub of water or place cold water-soaked towels or gauze on the affected areas.  To help hydrate the skin, follow up the cold - water treatments with a light coating of emu oil.  Emu oil, produced by the ostrich-like emu, has been known to reduce pain and blistering of burns within three minutes of application.

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