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West Carroll Artists

Every year we do farm tours for local schools.  These drawings below were done by the West Carroll First Graders, Carroll County, TN.  While I love all the pictures the children sent me, there just is not enough room to show all of them.  Since the pages the drawings were on were too large to scan, I've taken photographs of parts of the artwork to show here.  These are some of our favorites.

Drawing emus:

Wc1.jpg (17538 bytes)   Wc2.jpg (20324 bytes) 

     Wc4.jpg (34787 bytes)  

  Wc5.jpg (31511 bytes)

Thank you notes

   Thanks2.jpg (47927 bytes)   Thanks1.jpg (20094 bytes)   Thanks3.jpg (70538 bytes)

Emus with Feathers glued on.

Wcemu3.jpg (20058 bytes)   Wcemu7.jpg (19869 bytes)

Wcemu14.jpg (20410 bytes)



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