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Why Should I Join the American Emu Association?

I am a member of the American Emu Association because I want to know what is going on in the industry.  I want to know what 'the big boys know' about emu farming.  Being a member has allowed me to network and find customers for my raw products.  It has given me ideas on how to market.

Like many farm organizations, AEA is a national organization run by members.  Information is provided to members via a bi-monthly publication, the EMUpdate, a yearly national symposium and state and regional meetings (check your area for meeting schedules).  If you are online, members have the option of joining both regional and national email 'chat lists'.  Each committee has an email chat list as do the presidents.  The information on these lists range from basic emu care (disease, hatching questions, etc.) to legislative issues.  New ideas and techniques are shared and discussed.

AEA monitors governmental developments that may potentially affect emu farming.  As an example:  AEA organized legislative efforts to gain mandatory USDA inspection for ratites.  At that time we had voluntary inspection, meaning that the farmer had to pay for the inspection.  Mandatory inspection meant that the inspection would be free to the farmer, and budgeted into the USDA's operating expenses.  Jeanne Summerour, AEA Legislative Director, spearheaded the efforts to gain mandatory inspection.  Working via the internet email chat lists and state meetings, AEA membership got thousands of people to write legislators in favor of mandatory inspection.  In addition, Ms. Summerour visited legislators in Washington, lobbying for passage of HR 4461 and S 761 .  Due to her efforts, budgeting for USDA inspection of ratites was included in the 2001 Agriculture Appropriations Bill. Read the AEA press release. 

In 2008, the Agriculture Committee, working with the Legislative Committee gained approval for the shipping of day old emu chicks through the United States Postal Service.  Emu are the only ratites allowed to be shipped via the USPS at this time.

This is an example of what a strong organization can accomplish - and the organization will only be as strong as it's membership. 

Visit the AEA home page.

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